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PNSA Officials Page

updated August 15, 2017


Contact ♦Roger Root with any questions

Quicklinks to:    ♦PNSA Info        ♦USSA/FIS Info


2017 Officials Clinics

Info for fall 2017 Officials clinics can be found ♦here.


Timing Info

SplitSecond website

Vola Timing Software - Powerpoint - 2016-17 version

Vola Updates on Vola website




PNSA Nordic Head Tax form

PNSA 2016-17 Competition Manual


♦PNSA B-net Usage Release

     →B-net installation guidelines: gohere for USSA orhere for Barry Cordage


→USSA Officials Membership Application:   ♦on-line


→Race Administration

         ♦USSA Concussion List

         ♦Letter for 2018 - to come

         ♦Head Tax spreadsheet for 2018

         ♦Head Tax calculation example

         ♦List of clubs eligible for BW Champs - to come


♦PNSA Alpine Team & Western Region Automatic lists - to come in Nov.

♦PNSA Coaches Card list - to come in Dec.



2017-18 General USSA Information for Alpine Officials

→Alpine Officals

         Study Guides - for Officials clinics

         ♦Officials Manual

         ♦Master Packet of Forms → at bottom of USSA page

         ♦Alpine Event Planning Materials → good info on planning or evaluating an event


→Course Homologations:  ♦USSA     ♦FIS     ♦FIS/USSA 650 Rules

USSA Concussion List

USSA Points lists

USSA Gate Judge video


USSA Alpine Competition Guide - full version


♦USSA Precisions 2017-18    or   ♦PDF  - to come


USSA Course Setting Guide


FIS & USSA Gate Panel regulations


FIS ICR → you will need to print the 2017-18 Precisions below


FIS & USSA Equipment Regulations 2017-18


♦FIS Precisions 2017-18 → Northern Hemisphere - to come in Nov.


Can't find the form you're looking for?  Try the Forms page