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Overview of Nordic/Cross-Country in the PNSA

Nordic Competition Committee Roster

Jr Nationals Info For Racers and Parents 

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Race calendar

Nordic Head Tax Form

Competition Manual

World Cup race videos

Interview with Stephen Seiler by Jason Albert May 15, 2017

Polarized Training video by Stephen Seiler (2014)

Intervals, Thresholds & Long Slow Distance by Stephen Seiler and Espen Tonnessen 2009

Safesport Reporting


Trout Lake summer camp 2013 - photo BEA


Official 2019 Junior Nationals Result Book

Junior Nationals Information

2019 PNSA Junior Nationals Team

U16 Ladies   U16 Men
Grialou, Jordan Methow
Weymuller, Eva Methow
Burns, Bridget Spokane
Brooks, Keeley Methow
Kuzyk, Lilia Methow
Costello, Katelyn Mt Bachelor
Kuzyk, Mahali Methow
Kanning, Annaby Spokane
Lucy, Mariah-May Methow
Kuzyk, Bodhi Methow
Conde, Jack Bend Endurance
Whitelaw, Aidan Bend Endurance
Bert, Jeffrey Mt Bachelor
Richardson, Derek Leavenworth
Velazquez, Gabe Leavenworth
DeForest, John Spokane
Grover, Evan Bend Endurance
Christensen, Jacob Bend Endurance
U18 Ladies   U18 Men
McColgan, Annie Mt Bachelor
Kuzyk, Ella-Sophie Methow
Kilroy, Sarah Mt Bachelor
Laesch, Greta Momentum
Scholz, Gretta Methow
Johnson, Stella Leavenworth
McKnight, Alice Bend Endurance
Grialou, Travis Methow
Butts, Garrett Methow
Greene, Hunter Mt Bachelor
Lange, Will Mt Bachelor
Cacciola, Mario Mt Bachelor
Korus, Patrick Spokane
Hall, Walker Methow
Larson, Isak Ellensburg
Nye, Maximus Mt Bachelor
U20 Ladies   U20 Men
Lurbur, Hadassah Leavenworth
Potyk, Lauren Spokane
Schoderbek, Samuel Bend Endurance



PNSA Jr Nats Basic Info - info for athletes and parents

PNSA Jr Nats Additional Info as of Feb. 11, 2019

PNSA Jr Nats - Athlete Checklist

2019 Jr Nationals Qualification Letter of Intent

♦Jr Nationals Qualification Status

2019 Jr Nationals - host website


FORMS - Required for all athletes attending Jr Nationals

     ♦Athlete Code of Conduct / Medical Release

     ♦PSIA-NW Release - required by our insurance carrier

     ♦Athlete Bio

     ♦Medical Information


Jr Nationals Payment Options*

Payment deadline is March 1, 2019, team selection/acceptance:

With cheque: $1300 payable to PNSA, mail to:

1329 Section Avenue
Quincy, WA  98848

PayPal - $1334.00  -

PayPal payments include their service charge added to the trip cost.
You do not need a PayPal account for this option - you can pay using their Guest/non-member option.



*PNSA makes every effort to calculate accurate trip costs.  However, if the number of athletes participating is greatly reduced or if some major unforseen circumstance occurs, PNSA reserves the right to bill athletes for additional expenses incurred.

PNSA Summer Camps:

  ♦Trout Lake    ♦Methow - info for 2019 to come