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Racing After High School


On this page you will find information on the options to continue in skiing either as a competitor or in others fields of the ski industry.  This is basic information to show you the options available and to provide a starting point for further investigation.  Information on careers in the ski industry, including ski area management, will be coming soon.


CSU Graduate-Level Ski Area Management Program


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Univ. of Oregon Nordic Club

"There is ski racing after high school!"


The Options - a matrix of the choices available

Skiing After High School - a brief description of the options

PNSA College Racers - a list of PNSA athletes and which college they attend


USCSA Programs        NCAA Programs - how to get started in NCAA athletics

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Video highlighting the USCSA Nationals - catch great clips of Ski Jumping, Nordic, Alpine

Snowboard, Skier-Cross, and other events -  college racing is more than books and gates!


PNSA College athletes at NCAA or USCSA Nationals 2013:

Lisa Koetke, McKenna McNabb and Katie Ulvestad – St. Olaf College
Paul Koetke – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) - first time RPI has qualified for nationals
Eleanor Tansley, Kendra Ash, Sarah Silva* – College of Idaho
Morgan Duffy – U of Washington
Lily Ericksen – Smith College
* Snowboard


Vanessa Berther – U of Alaska - Anchorage
Michael Bansmer – U of New Mexico
Michael Radford – Montana State U
Brooke Wales – Colorado U - Boulder


Casey Kutz  Montana State U
Annie Pokorney  Middlebury
Tom Smith  U of Utah


Results from NCAA/USCSA Nationals 2013:

Full results on USCSA website

USCSA video highlights of nationals

Teams with PNSA Athletes -


3rd Place Team in GS, SL and Overall 3rd place team & Presidents Cup Trophy Winner: St. Olaf (Katie Ulvestad, McKenna McNabb, Lisa Koetke)
7th in SL, 8th in GS and 7th Place Team Overall-Rensselaer Polytechnic "RPI" (Paul K)
8th in SL, 8th in GS - College of Idaho (Eleanor T.)
2nd Place Team in Dual Slalom: St. Olaf (Katie Ulvestad, McKenna McNabb)
3rd Place Team in Dual Slalom: College of Idaho (Eleanor Tansley)

Individual Accomplishments for PNSA Athletes:

Katie Ulvestad (St. Olaf College)-4th in Slalom (1st Team All American), 15th in GS (2nd Team All Am.), and 7th Overall (2nd Team All Am)
McKenna McNabb (St. Olaf College)-17th in Slalom, 14th in GS (2nd Team All Am.) and 12th Overall (2nd Team All Am)
Lily Ericksen (Smith College)-18th in Slalom, 20th in GS, 15th Overall (2nd Team All Am)
Paul Koetke (RPI) -12th in GS (2nd Team All Am.), 16th in SL and 10th Overall Combined (2nd Team All Am)
Morgan Duffy (U of Washington)-1st in Individual Dual Slalom, 16th in Individual GS, 4th in Skier Cross
Eleanor Tansley (College of Idaho)-8th in Skier Cross




National Champions: U of Colorado at Boulder (Brooke Wales)
Brooke Wales (CU-Boulder)-2nd in GS (All American)*, 18th in Slalom
Michael Bansmer (UNM) - 15th in GS



PNSA College athletes at NCAA or USCSA Nationals 2014:

McKenna McNabb (St Olaf College) - GS 12th
Paul Koetke (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) - GS 10th