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About Us

     On the links to the left, you can learn more about the PNSA, from the rosters of its various governing bodies to historical information on our old website.

     Various methods on how to contact us are at the top and bottom of all pages.


  A leader in attracting, developing and retaining competitive snow sport enthusiasts in the United States.


  PNSA brings together the Pacific Northwest community to govern, administer, support and grow competitive snow sports in a fun and learning environment.



• Inclusive          Everyone has the opportunity to participate.
• Integrity           We strive to do the right thing every day, regardless of personal

                                 interests or outcomes.
• Collaborative   Foster a culture of cooperation among our resorts, clubs,

                                 coaches, athletes and officials.
• Community      Cultivate fellowship, unity and respect among the snow

                                 sports community.
• Accountable     Committed to efficiency, effectiveness and transparency in all

                                  we do.