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♦USSA Ski Cleaning Instructions:

If you will be racing in both FIS and non-FIS sanctioned events this season, please utilize this process to clean your skis between races.
 Step 1 CLEANING - Clean the ski thoroughly using an appropriate FLUORO CLEANER. Once the cleaner dries, brush it well with a “dirty” (fluoro contaminated) brush. Repeat that process a second time. Wipe all dust off the ski with a shop-towel.
Step 2 NEUTRALIZING - Wax two times with fluoro free glide wax. Allow each application to cool thoroughly. Use “clean” (fluoro free) tools to apply, scrape, and brush the wax. These steps can be training wax, or just repetitions to effectively clean the ski.
Step 3 RACE WAXING - Use whatever fluoro-free race wax you’re planning to use. Go race fast. Don’t worry.


It is advised to have dedicated clean (never seen flouros) and dirty (used for initial step of cleaning and FIS events) brushes for this season.  If you follow these steps it is very unlikely that your skis will be 100% clean, and in fact such a thing doesn’t exist. But you will NOT be bringing any unfair fluoro advantages to your fluoro free competitions, and you will have fully complied with the spirit of the fluoro free regulations.


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