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New PNW Website Coming Soon

PNW will be launching a new web site in Sept. 2022.  The new site will have much better compatibility with phones and tablets as well as be easier to navigate.  Drop down menus at the top of the screen are discipline specific:  Alpine, Nordic, Masters, Officials, College, Forms & Resources, and News.  The menus under each discipline will help with the navigation.  'About Us', at the top of the home page, will highlight not only what we currently do, but give you some history of PNW, U.S. and International Skiing.  

As will all new sites, some pages may not be active when the site is launched.  We will continue to build these out with time.  Our goal is to get the most pertinent information on the site to start.

In regards to our current site, updates will be made as needed so continue to check in and keep up to date on the latest information.

PNW looks forward to launching the new site and providing a better information source for off our users.  Thanks for your patience as move forward.



Join the fight with Isabelle Thompson!

Thank you for your incredible support, and generosity. 





Thank you for your continued love and support for Isabelle. Diagnosed with pediatric Acute Myeloid Leukemia on August 4th 2021, she has asked that all donations in her honor go towards high risk leukemia studies, including Dr Cooper's (Todd Michael Cooper, DO ( research study that she is participating in for her treatment, and which spans patients, oncologists and hematologists across the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (Seattle Children's, Fred Hutch, etc) and leading pediatric research hospitals nationally, with the goal of also benefitting children diagnosed with this disease internationally. With only 4% of funding going towards pediatric cancer research annually in the United States, and cancers that affect children are genetically and biologically distinct from those that affect adults, donations from generous people like you help people like Isabelle and so many others as their battle continues. 
We know that giving is a deeply personal decision, and we appreciate you considering giving towards research for pediatric leukemia. 
With much love,
The Thompson family 





Congratulations to the following current and former PNSA athletes.  Heading to 2022 Olympics and Nordic U23 and Junior World Championships!

Olympic Alpine Athletes

Luke Winters - Mt Hood Academy                       Tommy Ford - MBSEF                      Jacqueline Wiles - White Pass


Olympics and FIS U23 World Nordic Championships

Novie McCabe - Methow Valley Nordic/University of Utah


Junior World Nordic Championships

Annie McColgan - MBSEF/University of Vermont                 

 Walker Hall - Methow Valley Nordic

Your donation of blood could save a life!  Gime them CODE IZZY when you donate!!


Isabelle Thompson, CMAC athlete, was diagnosed with pediatric Acute Meyeloid Leukemia on August 4, 2021.  The quantity of blood she has consumed throughout her treatment has emphasized just how important blood donors are.  Isabelle wouldn't be here without the blood transfusions she has already received. Now there is a new challenge - a severe shortage of blood.  Operation Code Red is in effect now.   Your donation of blood could save a life!  Give them CODE IZZY when you donate!!

♦Isabelle's Virtual Blood Drive - Info HERE



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