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Elite Pass

2021 - 22

Elite Pass Invitation List

Early US Ski and Snowboard Renewal Deadline 10/15/2021

Late fee will be charged by US Ski and Snowboard on memberships

beginning 10/16/2021


4th List - Valid Dec. 1, 2021

(Must have been registered with US Ski and Snowboard by Nov. 30, 2021 to be on the 4th list)

Deadline for purchase Dec. 10, 2021.  Must have been registered with US Ski and Snowboard by Nov. 30, 2021.

Quicklink to the invitation list

Invitation List


    PNSA would like to invite the athletes listed below to participate in the Elite Pass program for the 2021-22 season.   Elite Passes will be awarded to athletes who attained the posted point cutoff in at least one discipline (SL, GS, SG) based on National Pts. List #21 of the 2020-21 season.  To be named to the 4th list  (Dec. 1, 2021) you must have registered/renewed your USSS membership prior to Nov. 30, 2021.   The list will be updated the 1st of each month with new USSS/PNSA membership names.

          Elite Pass Point Cutoff  

(Based on the 2020-21 season)

Women:  280 Pts. or less in GS, SL or SG

Men:  230 Pts. or less in GS, SL or SG


>>>>If an athlete is not listed below, the most likely reasons are:<<<<

1 - Has not renewed with USSS/PNSA by the listed date of the invitation list
2 - Did not meet point criteria in one discipline by posting of Nat. Pts. List 21 for the 2020-21 season

See rules 


Elite Pass Pricing:

Competitor renewed with USSS October 15th or earlier:   $775  

Competitor renewed with USSS October 16th or later:  $805

 Did you renew your USSS license on or prior to Oct. 15th? You pay $775 for  the Elite Pass even if you wait till Dec. 8 to purchase.  Did you renew your USSS license on or after Oct. 16?  You must pay the late fee price of $805 for the Elite Pass. 


Click on the "Elite Pass Application" link below for the complete packet of papers needed to sign up for the Elite Pass.  All papers in the packet must be filled out and signed for the pass to be issued.

Elite Pass Application

For eligible athletes, to purchase an Elite Pass, please download, complete, sign and mail the complete payment and other mandatory forms to the PNSA office.


Make cheque payable to PNSA

or pay via PayPal, which includes PayPal's surcharge.

Note pricing for the different USSS renewal dates!

Pay by Check:  $775 must be registered with US Ski & Snowboard by Oct. 15, 2021

                         $805  registered with US Ski & Snowboard Oct. 16, 2021 or later

Mail Check to:  PNSA 1329 Section Ave.  Quincy, WA  98848 with application packet


Pay by PayPal:  $800 must be registered with US Ski & Snowboard by Oct. 15, 2021

                          $830 registered with US Ski & Snowboard on or after Oct. 16, 2021

Mail application packet & photo to above address or email to:

PayPal payments include their service charge added to the pass cost.


Elite Pass Options


Invitation List - Valid  12/01/2021  

Updated 12/01/2021

All athlete names in black qualify for the $775 price.   Athlete's in red qualfity for $805 price .


First Name Last Name Club   First Name Last Name Club
Hannah Barnett MRST   Carson Andyke SARS
Irene  Bembenek UW   Abraham Barrow MRT
Anja Bergerson TAS   Graham Barwick CMAC
Izzy Bielen MHA   Giuliano Bianco MRT
Ellie Blakemore SPAC   Cadin Billstin SARS
Payton Bogatin MAC   Remy Bourgault MHA
Alice Bouchard MBSEF   Luke Branson SARS
Campbell Butzlaff MHA   Levi Brown MHA
Abigael  Carron WHIT   Owen Casey MBSEF
Sophie Cauble MBSEF   Gordon Davies UPS
Romi Cauble MBSEF   William Dexter MSSRT
Wynter Cohen SPAC   Patrick Du SARS
Hailey Cordry MAC   Philip Du SARS
Piper Davis MHA   Angus Dubendorf WSU
Quinn Dennehy CMAC   Carter Durkin LPRT
Zoe Doden MBSEF   Jake Farwig MHA
Quincy Doden MBSEF   James Flaggert CMAC
Danielle Dolan UPS   Winthrop Flaggert CMAC
Avery Edmundson INDY   Peter Frazzini CMAC
Erika Edmundson INDY   Jackson Fretwell MRST
Abigail Fagan MBSEF   Ashton Fretwell MRST
Sophia Falter MSSRT   Lucas Garcia MHA
Kaitlin Farrell UI   Jack Gentry MBSEF
Katrian Fischer UI   Stuart Goodbody MRT
Coral Forbes MHA   Will Gottsch UW
Annaliese Frohlich CMAC   Erik Griffin CMAC
Sylvia Gawlik WPSC   William Herion MHA
Isabella Gigone UBC   Ethan Hockridge WHIT
Malia Grantor MRST   Cooper Holcomb SARS
Mackenzie Greenslade MHA   Zac Holton SPAC
Shyan Hargis NULL   Tucker Houck UO
Scarlett Hargreaves SARS   Tyler Howell MHA
Addyson Harris MBSEF   Matthew Kafka MHA
Shea Hasselbach MBSEF   Ian Kenyon MRT
Anne Hendrickson MHA   Thomas Kenyon MRT
Sarah Hoffman WHIT   Adam Kinney CMAC
Maya Hunter MBSEF   Cooper Kirchmeier MBSEF
Emily Ireton TAS   Aksel Kitt MHA
Linnea Jarmin MRST   Henry Kling MHA
Acadia Johansongordet WHIT   Tober Kling MHA
Elena Kaimaktchiev MHA   Will Kolk MRST
Ruby Kenknight SPAC   Wil Lafleur MRT
Lucille Kettrick CMAC   Kyle Larson SPAC
Moira Kinney CMAC   Devon Lister UBC
Sydney Kraabel CMAC   Oliver Loeser CMAC
Victoria Martin CSAT   Anson Lunstrum UI
Claire McCorkle MRT   Christian McCourtie MHA
Sasha McCourtie MRST   Jack Mitchell MRST
Sophia McGinnis MR   Jamison Oleksy SPAC
Kaylin Mcmahon SARS   Larson Overby SARS
Cerridwen Meharg CMAC   Demitri Panos SARS
Jenna Nicholson MRT   Lucas Parekh SARS
Sophie Novak MRT   Deeson Patterson CMAC
Zoe Paek CMAC   Davis Rice SPAC
Isabelle Parekh SARS   Ian Rizvi SARS
Danielle Peterson MRST   Ulrich Rossi MRST
Kaitlynn Ping MRT   Angus Schaub SARS
Audrey Piskadlo US   Crosby Schmidt INDY
Phyllis Prosser SARS   Thomas Sickler MBSEF
Emily Rasmussen SARS   Owen Snyder-Smith CMAC
Ruby Richards CMAC   Kyle  Sorstokke UW
Alyssa Robinson LPRT   Jackson Spadaro MHA
Jane Robinson LPRT   Tanner Stines CMAC
Bergen Rust MRT   Brogan Themens UBC
Sophie Sargent UBC   Christopher  Truksa CI
Morgan Shaw MBSEF   Soren Ullrich MHA
Finley Sjostrom SARS   Ian Vanderhoef TAS
Grace Skillern MRT   Luke Vecchiet CMAC
Nahanni Sreenan CSAT   Luke Vlases CMAC
Madeline Stern MRT   Michael Ward MBSEF
Vanessa Stevens TAS   Tristin Watkins WPSC
Zia Szabadi SPAC   Peyton Wells MHA
Noga Tal MRT   Cale Westman SPAC
Emily Teets MHA   Noah Willson TAS
Caroline Tom MBSEF        
Sophia Tomlisson TAS        
Opal Tracy MBSEF        
Skyler Vaivoda-Kerr CSAT        
Madison Von Melville SPAC        
Mckenzie Walker MAC        
Taylor Walker MHA        
Annabel Webster MHA        
Danique Weisbeek CMAC        
Zoey Whiting MRST        
Shelby Willett MRT        
Kendall Willie CMAC        
Samantha Wright CMAC        
Lux Zarosinski MRT        




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