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College Racing



"There is ski racing after high school!"



On this page you will find information on the options to continue in skiing either as a competitor or in others fields of the ski industry.  This is basic information to show you the options available and to provide a starting point for further investigation.


CSU Graduate-Level Ski Area Management Program

Compare programs in USCSA to NCAA


The Options - a matrix of the choices available

Skiing After High School - a brief description of the options

PNSA College Racers - a list of PNSA athletes and the college they attend(ed)


USCSA                      NCAA Programs - how to get started in NCAA athletics

USCSA Ski Teams       NCAA Ski Teams

                                  NCAA Scholarships


Contact USCSA:

177 Huntington Ave, Suite 1703 #22462

Boston, MA  02115-3153

Phone:  413-634-0110


PNSA College athletes at USCSA Nationals 2017

Archives of past seasons can be found ♦here.

Video of 2017 USCSA Nationals

2017 Skier Cross Champions:  Elyse Burandt and Beth Mixon

Teams with PNSA Athletes -

College of Idaho:
Elyse Burandt, Beth Mixon
Oregon State University:
Jack Botti, Grant Hamlin, Danny O'Neal
University of Washington:
Grant Duffy
Washington State University
Spencer Barclay, Boomer Vuori

College of Idaho - Women's Skier Cross National Champoions 2017 ^

2017 OSU Men's Team ^