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2022 Western Region Devo #3 - All Zones

2022 Western Region Devo #3

Location →  Snowbasin, UT

Mar. 1 - 4, 2022   FIS Scored  2 SG / 2 GS

FIS age athletes only - Selection for the Devo Series by PNSA.   See below for athlete list. See ♦here for rules governing the Western Region Elite and Devo Series.  FIS approved helmets and equipment required.  Competitors must have a valid FIS license to attend.


Club Website

Race Announcement: Updated 2/23/2022  

Schedule change  SG's 3/1-2, GS 3/3-4

Liability Release - required for all. 

♦Registration:  $48 per GS,  $52 per SG.  

$10 late fee Feb. 23 - 26.     

1. Go to ♦ and log into your account.
2. From the dashboard click on the racer you want to register. (There may be several members linked on one account).
3. Under “Tools” click on the Athlete Event Registration button.
4. Click on the “Search Competitions” button and find the race you are looking for.
5. Add the appropriate items to your cart and pay with a credit card. You can print a receipt and you are done.
6. Refunds for racers who are unable to attend can be processed once the race is over.

Individual entry is via on-line only - no faxed/mailed

individual entries accepted


→Team Captains Meeting

→Athlete Lift Tickets:  $60 day (includes tax)

→Coach Lift Tickets:  Must register through your USSS member portal to receive a coaches ticket.

→Lodging:  Mountain Luxury  801-745-3194  Offering 10% discount

     JoNeil karling, Reservation Manager



Feb. 28
Team Captains Meeting  6pm MST
Mar 1
M & W SG   Team Captains Meeting 6pm MST
Mar 2
M & W SG    Team Captains Meeting 6pm MST
Mar 3
M & W GS    Team Captains Meeting 6pm MST
Mar 4
M & W GS   Team Captains Meeting 6pm  MST


â–ºAthlete Selection - to come

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