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2020 PNSA SL Camp - Registration Closed 7.10.2020


August 3 - 6, 2020

Camp Format:  Day Camp as per Oregon State regulations.  Details to follow.


Quicklinks to:

Registration - Is Now Closed.   All spots have been filled.  7/27/2020

♦Daily Health Screen


Must be a current 2020-21 season US Ski & Snowboard member.  Renew or become a new USSS member here.


Camp Announcement

♦PNSA/PSIA Release - required included in registration package

♦PNSA Medical Release - required included in registration package

♦PNSA Athlete Contact  - required included in registration package

Timberline Release - required included in registration package

Every participant must fill out the Timberline liability form (first form) and  those participants under 18 years of age continue to fill out the Medical Release (second form). Participants over 18, there is no need to do the medical release and you can close the window.



4 - Day Schedule:  This is a Day Camp.  Parents/athletes are responsible for lodging and meals, and transportation to and from Timberline each day.  More details to follow.

August 3rd: Arrive

•  Arrive Monday morning at Timberline - 8:30am
    August 3rd - 6th: Training
    August 6th: Departure
•   Depart after training: ~2:15pm


Criteria: U14-U19

•    This camp is open to all PNSA U14-U19 athletes

Lift Tickets

•    All lift tickets included. If your athlete has a Timberline Summer Pass, see pricing below.



•    All transport to/from Timberline for training is the responsibility of parents / athletes.


Camp Venue

•    Palmer Glacier at Timberline


Camp Content

•    This camp will offer a 4-day SL progression that includes SL fundamentals, drill and full course progressions.



•    Camp will be directed by Shana Sweitzer.  Coaching staff includes:

Dan Henry, MSSRT
Shana Sweitzer, CSAT
Carson Ruud, MRST
Chuck Holcomb, SARS
Dave Lyon, SPAC
Ted McNamara, SARS
Ben Webster, CSAT
William Dexter, MSSRT  - Assistant



•    4-day Camp $743.75 w/tickets
•    4-day Camp $451.56 w/Timberline Summer Pass

What To Bring

•    SL Gear, face mask or neckie (must be worn at all times except when in the training course), tuning equipment & vices, camel back/water bottle, snacks, sunscreen.

Camp Cost*

Includes: coaching, lift tickets/lane fees, & PNSA office support.
Payment must be recieved by the PNSA office via by Sunday, Aug 1, 2020
$743.75 w/lift tickets
      $451.56  w/Timberline Summer Pass










  payments include their service charge added to the trip cost.


>*PNSA makes every effort to calculate accurate trip costs.  However, if the number of athletes participating is greatly reduced, or if some major unforeseen circumstance occurs, PNSA reserves the right to bill athletes for additional expenses incurred.

Registered Athletes

Wait List Athletes are not listed
 Name Club
Tippen Adams ???
Izzy Bielen CSAT
Hanni Sreenan CSAT
Sky Vaivoda-Kerr CSAT
Sutton LeFevre CSAT
Victoria Martin CSAT
Annabell Webster CSAT
Payton Bogatin MAC
Ava Glaser MBSEF
Caroline Tom MBSEF
Hannah Glaser MBSEF
Leo Parsons MBSEF
Opal Tracy MBSEF
Romi Cauble MBSEF
Ashton Fretwell MRST
Danielle Peterson MRST
George Neff MRST
Hanna Barnett MRST
Jackson Fretwell MRST
Jake Kolk MRST
Will Kolk MRST
Eleanor Martin MRT
Porter Sullivan MRT
Sophie Novak MRT
Ian Kenyon MRT
Thomas Kenyon MRT
Luke Falter MSSRT
Sophia Falter MSSRT
Avery Hickok SARS
Cooper Holcomb SARS
Isabelle Parekh SARS
Katja Holcomb SARS
Lucas Parekh SARS
Owen Hickok SARS
Phyllis Prosser SARS
Luke Leddy SST
Beckham Hanson TAS
Braiden Snyder  WPSC
Clairese Snyder WPSC
McKenzie Walker ???


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