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2019 PNSA Speed Camp

May 9-12  (Thur. - Sun.)


PNSA and White Pass Ski Resort are offering a Divisional speed camp at White Pass. The camp begins Thursday, May 9th and ends Sunday afternoon, May 12th.


Video Links from the camp:

POV of course vid
Bump Shot vid 1
Bump Shot vid 2
Last Day vid 1
Last Day vid 2
Drone footage first day
Drone footage last day


Info      ♦Lodging      ♦Cost      ♦Registration

Required Forms - send to

   ♦PNSA Contact

   ♦PNSA Medical Release

   ♦PSIA Release

If you have completed these forms for an Elite Pass or a WR Championship trip, do not re-submit unless your info has changed.



            Wednesday, May 8th -            Arrive between 5:00 -7:00pm. Team Meeting at 8:00pm.
            Thurs – Sun, May 9th - 12th -    Speed Training on Snow.
            Sunday, May 12th –                 Depart after training (~3:30 pm)
Drop off and pick up Schedule:
   Wednesday May 8th--arrive between 5-7.  
        There is NO dinner provided Wednesday eveing so make sure your athlete is fed before arrival.
           7:30 Team meeting, introductions, etc
   Sunday May 12th--athletes should be ready to depart White Pass between 3 and 3:30.
Daily Camp Schedule:
   6:30-7:00  breakfast in the lodge
   7:30 load the chair--training until about 1:00
   1:30 lunch back in the lodge
      afternoon for video, dryland, ski prep, etc
   6:30 dinner
Lights-out time determined during our staff meeting Wednesday------9:30 or 10:00 is most likely





This camp is open to all PNSA U14-19 athletes
Club Coaches are welcome to contact Matt Morrell about working with/on staff.


Camp Venue:

This Camp will include at least two SG sections and an elements area that will include jumps, wavetrack(s) and other terrain elements.


Camp Content:

This camp will offer a progression that will include basic jumping, as well as proper speed technique and tactics.
Note - mouthguard is required.  Back protector is suggested.
Please bring vices,wax, iron, tuning equipment.



The camp will be directed by Matt Morrell and other coaches from programs throughout PNSA.
Kevin McDevitt
Matt Morrell
Dave Lyon
            Shana Schweitzer
            Ted McNamara
            John Rust - Asst.
            Nils Eric Riise - Asst.


Lodging, Meals, and Lift tickets:

Lodging, meals and lift tickets are included in the camp cost.
Athletes will stay at the White Pass Village Inn Condos and all athletes are required to stay with PNSA at the condos.
White Pass Ski Resort will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner each day except Sunday (which will include breakfast and lunch).




            Make cheque payable to:

                  1329 Section Ave.
                  Quincy, WA   98848




PayPal payment includes their service charge added to the camp cost.

*PNSA makes every effort to calculate accurate trip costs.  However, if the number of athletes participating is greatly reduced, or if some major unforeseen circumstance occurs, PNSA reserves the right to bill athletes for additional expenses incurred





On-line registration

Athletes Signed Up in black

Athletes Paid in blue

1st Name Last Name
Presley Adelt
Quinn Albright
Callie Jo Anderson
Izzy Bielen
Campbell Butzlaff
Sadie Carson
Sophie Cauble
Bela Chladek
Hailey  Cordry
Quinn Dennehy
Nora Emmans
Claire Emmans
Anna Emmans
Jack Frederiksen
Sheridan Gadsden
Lucas Garcia
Sylvia Gawlik
Lulu Jensen
Henry Jones
Kenny Knight
Teegan Lowe
Ian Matthews
Claire McCorkle
Timothy Mckenzie
Uma Mitchell
Larson Overby
Zoe Paek
Lucas Parekh
Isabelle Parekh
Emily Rasmussen
Benjamin  Schindler 
Kai Shays
Clairese Snyder
Cash Spoelstra
Hanni Sreenan
Ruby Tien
Soren Ullrich
Madison von Melville
Mckenzie Walker
Sequoyah Walther-Gingold
Tristin Watkins
Taylor Watkins
Ryder White
Kendall Willie


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