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PNSA Speed Camp 2016

White Pass

May 19 - 22  (Thur. - Sun.)


The Speed Camp is a Go as of May 9th.


PNSA and White Pass Ski Resort are offering a Divisional speed camp at White Pass. Athletes have the option of choosing a 4-day camp or a 3-day camp. The 4-day camp begins on snow Thursday, May 19th and the 3-day camp begins on snow Friday, May 20th. Both camps end Sunday afternoon, May 22nd.


Info      ♦Lodging      ♦Cost      ♦Registration


4-Day Schedule:

            Wednesday, May 18th -           Arrive between 5:00 -7:00pm. Team Meeting at 8:00pm.
            Thus – Sun, May 19th-22nd-     Speed Training on Snow.
            Sunday, May 22nd –                 Depart after training (3:00pm?)


3-Day Schedule:

            Thursday, May 19th -               Arrive between 5:00 -7:00pm. Team Meeting at 8:00pm.
            Fri – Sun, May 20th-22nd-         Speed Training on Snow.
            Sunday, May 22nd –                 Depart after training (3:00pm?)





This camp is open to all PNSA U14-19 athletes
Club Coaches are welcome to contact Matt Morrell about working with/on staff.


Camp Venue:

This Camp will include at least two SG sections and an elements area that will include jumps, wavetrack(s) and other terrain elements.


Camp Content:

This camp will offer a three and four day progression that will include basic jump progression as well as proper speed technique and tactics.



The camp will be directed by Kevin McDevitt and other coaches from programs throughout PNSA.
Jackie Wiles


Lodging, Meals, and Lift tickets:

Lodging, meals and lift tickets are included in the camp cost.
Athletes will stay at the White Pass Village Inn Condos and all athletes are required to stay with PNSA at the condos.
White Pass Ski Resort will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner each day except Sunday (which will include breakfast and lunch).



            3-Day Camp $540.00 by cheque  or  $557 by PayPal

            4-day Camp $720.00 by cheque or   $743 by PayPal

            Make cheques payable to:

                  2671 Flowery Trail Rd
                  Usk, WA   99180-9740


Camp Options




On-line registration

Athletes Signed Up in black

Athletes Paid in blue

  Coco Bouchard 4 day
  Alice Bouchard 4 day
  Hannah Glaser 4 day
  Shasta Hecht 3 day
  Tori Hopkins 4 day
  Annika Howell 4 day
  Katharine Kaimaktchiev 4 day
  Josie Knight 4 day
  Lauren Koper 4 day
  Sydney Kraabel 3 day
  Jess McComb 4 day
  Frances Melby 4 day
  Melissa Nardone 4 day
  Taylor Richards 3 day
  Kitt Rupar 4 day
  Ella Skoglund 4 day
  Molly Tebb 3 day
  Lily Tebb 3 day
  Mia Tomasi 3 day
  Tiger Walther-Gingold 3 day
  Carly Walther-Porino 4 day
  Taylor Watkins 4 day
  Anna Zaruby 4 day
  Stevan Abb 4 day
  Jagger Baldie 4 day
  Tristan  Casady 3 day
  Samuel Cox 4 day
  Will Dexter 4 day
  Will Emch 4 day
  Ryan  Kershaw 4 day
  Theodore  Kim 4 day
  Kenny Knight 4 day
  Finn  Mallinen 4 day
  Reid Manke 3 day
  Kyle Manke 3 day
  Joshua Nardone 4 day
  Parker Overby 4 day
  Lucas Parekh 4 day
  Jackson Spadaro 4-day



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