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Honor Roll

2018-2018 Academic Year


     PNSA promotes academic as well as athletic excellence.  All PNSA athletes are expected to maintain throughout the year a minimum of a 2.0 G.P.A. on a 4.0 system, with no F’s.  Weighted and non-weighted G.P.A.s are accepted.  Academic scholarships are available to qualifying student/athletes.

     PNSA athletes who wish to be included on the PNSA Honor Roll must be current USSA members and are encouraged to submit any qualifying transcripts (quarter, semester or year-end) by mail, email or fax to the PNSA Office.

Congratulations to the following students/athletes who submitted qualifying transcripts.

4.0 and higher GPA:

 Bert, Jeffrey    Parker, Meredith
 Boone, Ashley    
 Cacciola, Mario    
 Grosdidier, Riley    
 Johnson, Stella    
 Micek, Anton    


3.0-3.99 GPA:

 Burandt, Elyse    
 Gahn, Emily    
 Jayne, Zachary    
     Randolph, Dana
 Kinnaman, Ariana    Rupar, Kitt
 Lange, Ben    Schifone, Anthony
 Lange, Will    Sickler, Thomas
 Mixon, Beth    Skufca, Erin
 Nilsson, Brady    Toten, Mary
 Nye, Maximus    Trimble, Trevor
     Underkoffler, Lucas
     Virmani, Arnav
     Vuletic, Luca