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Honor Roll

2016-2017 Academic Year


     PNSA promotes academic as well as athletic excellence.  All PNSA athletes are expected to maintain throughout the year a minimum of a 2.0 G.P.A. on a 4.0 system, with no F’s.  Weighted and non-weighted G.P.A.s are accepted.  Academic scholarships are available to qualifying student/athletes.

     PNSA athletes who wish to be included on the PNSA Honor Roll must be current USSA members and are encouraged to submit any qualifying transcripts (quarter, semester or year-end) by mail, email or fax to the PNSA Office.

Congratulations to the following students/athletes who submitted qualifying transcripts.

4.0 and higher GPA:

 Beres, Eileen    Meredith, Parker
     Munch, Gemma
 Cravens, R MInam    O'Shaughnessy, Olivia
 Debley, Erica    Panos, Alexi
 Downing, Liv G.    Panos, Demitri
 Jones, Henry T.    Pickel, Jacqueline
 Kanning, Annaby    Stern, Madeline
 Kanning, Emerson    Westman, Kristopher
 Larson, Tyler    


3.0-3.99 GPA:

 Farley, Jared    
 Lowe, Teegan    
 Lange, Will O'Hare    
 McBurney, Matthew    
 Quesinberry, Elizabeth    
 Sickler, Thomas    
 Trimble, Trevor    
 Walther-Gingold, Tiger    
 Westman, Cale