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2021 Western Region DEVO FIS Snowking

Snow King

Please be advised - all race dates subject to change as season progresses.  Make reservations only at lodging facilities that guarantee a refund within 24 hours of check in.

March 18 - 21, 2021      FIS   2 SL  / 2 GS

FIS - U19 and older only, must have FIS license and FIS-legal skis and helmet
Quota - 9 L / 13 M


Club trip - PNSA responsible for entry sheet only.  Clubs/athletes make all other arrangements, including payment of entry fees to the ROC.


Race Announcement

♦Release Waiver - Link will be shared through WhatsApp

Covid-19: Requirements per US Ski & Snowboard LINK

Each athlete/coach must fill out Pre-Screen Questionnaire 24-48 hours

before the start of the competition - Link will be shared through WhatsApp

Each team will have to submit USS&S daily symptom check form - Link will be shared through WhatsApp



Schedule     ♦Trip Info     ♦Registration - to come


PNSA Athlete Selection  Mar. 3, 2021

PNSA Athlete Confirmation Deadline   Mar. 10 2021

PNSA Athlete Payment/Registration deadline  March 15, 2021



Mar. 17 Team Captains meeting Link to Come
Mar. 18 Women SL X 2
Mar. 19

Women GS X 2

Mar. 20 Men GS X 2
Mar. 21 Men SL X 2


Trip Information


Athletes in blue have confirmed with PNSA





Club Trip -- PNSA will not arrange lodging, transportation or meals



$40 Day Pre Purchased (Preferred)  Ticket Purchase Link
$45 Day at Ticket Window



$48 per start
→ paid via USSS On-line registration, or, if that is not available, paid to the host club
Note - all entry fees due by the deadline mentioned in the race announcement


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