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2021 Northwest Cup Finals

Mt Bachelor

Race dates could be changed to anywhere in the time frame of

Apr. 20 - Apr. 30.

Make reservations only at lodging facilities that guarantee a refund within 24 hours of check in.

Apr. 23 - 26, 2021         National scored   -  1 SG / 1 GS / 1 SL


U16 and older allowed to enter + Invited U14s  (for SL, GS only)

Ski Up Form - required for invited U14's to enter NW Cup Finals.  Fill out and return to PNSA office prior to entering race.

U14 Selection List for NW Cup Finals

→Selected athletes must download the Ski Up Form, fill out and return to the PNSA office by Wed. April 14.  Selected athletes are only eligible to race in the SL and GS at NW Cup Finals.  If you do not plan to attend NW Cup Finals, notify the PNSA office so the next alternate can be notified in a timely manner.

→U16s will be scored in the NWC series, then separated out for their own season-long U16 series and WR qualifier totals.


Club website

Race Announcement

On-line Registration  - at  Registration closes April 18, 2021.

→Mt Bachelor release  -  required for each athlete - done via on-line registration

♦Parking Reservation   

→You must have a parking reservation to park at Mt. Bachelor.  If you are unable to get parking please contact race administator at

Pre-Event Covid Form

Men's Race Daily Symptom Check

Women's Race Daily Symptom Check

→Lodging Options:

         Red Lion Signature Bend
1415 NE Third Street  Bend, OR   541-382-7011  $89 per night, promo code MBSF

→Lift Ticket Info

          Elite Pass honoured
          $56 per day  Ticket windows open at 7:30am each morning


→Entry Fee:  $50 per race


Team Captains Meeting:  April 22, 7PM Virtual  Link in Race Announcement

Subsequent TC Meetings (4/23-25) 6pm  Link in Race Announcement



Subject to change - check w/MBSEF  Field size limited to 100 per gender

April 22          Team Captains meeting 

April 23         Men  SG / GS  

April 24          Men  SL

April 25          Women  SG / GS

April 26          Women  SL

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