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2021 U14 Qualifier #1 - New Date

All Races are Now U14 Qualfiers - Updated 2/25/21

Race dates could be changed to anywhere in the time frame of

Feb. 24 - March 3.

Make reservations only at lodging facilities that guarantee a refund within 24 hours of check in.

Feb. 26 - March 1, 2021        National scored  -  2 SL / 2 GS

U14 only allowed to enter


Club website

Race Announcement

Registration   on-line via U.S. Ski & Snowboard

1. Go to ♦ and log into your account.
2. From the dashboard click on the racer you want to register. (There may be several members linked on one account).
3. Under “Tools” click on the Athlete Event Registration button.
4. Click on the “Search Competitions” button and find the U14 Qual #1 at Mt Spokane.
5. Add the appropriate items to your cart and pay with a credit card. You can print a receipt and you are done.
6. Refunds for racers who are unable to attend can be processed once the race is over.
7. Any questions can go to ♦

→Lodging:  Ruby River Hotel  700 N Division  Spokane, WA  99202       


Ask for Mt. Spokane Ski Race Team or MSSRT Rate - $89.00 including grab & go breakfast


1st Team Captains Meeting: 

Wed. Feb. 25 - Via Zoom
Following TC meetings - at end of race each day at MSSRT team room



Feb. 26 - Fri.:  Women SL / SL

Feb. 27 - Sat..:  Women GS / GS   

Feb. 28 - Sun.:  Men GS / GS

Mar. 1 - Mon.: Men SL / SL


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