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2020 WR Open Tech Series- Cancelled


Please be advised - all race dates subject to change as season progresses.  Make reservations only at lodging facilities that guarantee a refund within 24 hours of check in.


Dec. 12 - 17, 2020      FIS   2 SL  / 2 GS

FIS - U19 and older only, must have FIS license and FIS-legal skis and helmet
Quota:  20 W / 26 M


Club trip - PNSA responsible for entry sheet only.  Clubs/athletes make all other arrangements, including payment of entry fees to the ROC.


Race Announcement



Schedule     ♦Trip Info     ♦Registration - to come


PNSA Athlete Selection  Nov. 17, 2020

PNSA Athlete Payment/Registration deadline TBD



Dec. 11 Team Captains meeting TBD
Dec. 12 2 Men SL
Dec. 13 Men GS
Dec. 14 Men GS
Dec. 15 2 Women SL
Dec. 16 Women GS
Dec. 17 Women GS


Trip Information


Athletes in blue have registered with PNSA



Andrea Adorno MHA Karen Lundgren MHA
Katy Loewy  MRT Alan Lauba  CMAC
Kent Towlerton  MBSEF  



Club trip - PNSA will not arrange any part of transportation.



Club trip - PNSA will not arrange lodging.


Meal Plan

Club trip - PNSA will not arrange meal plans.






$TBD per start
$TBD full series
→ paid via USSS On-line registration, or, if that is not available, paid to the host club
Note - all entry fees due by the deadline mentioned in the race announcement


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