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2018 Spokane Officials Clinic

Oct. 14, 2018

Location - 7209 E Trent Ave. Spokane, WA


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Courses Offered   ♦Schedule   ♦Registration & Payment   ♦Class Materials

Please download and READ the appropriate Study Guide (found via the Course Materials link above) PRIOR to attending the clinic.
Not all material can be covered in-depth in the time allotted.


Courses Offered:

•Race Administration w/Data Management*

•Referee w/Jury Advisor*

•Chief of Race*

•Timing & Calculation 1*

•Update Only

*includes Update



07:30-8:00 AM Registration  
08:15-10:30 AM (approx. ending time) Update Required every other year to remain current/certified
08:15 AM-4:00 PM (approx. ending time) Specialty Clinics - Update is included with specialty clinic
  Chief of Race  
  Race Administrator/Data Management  
  Referee/Jury Advisor  
  Timing and Calculation - Level 1 Bring your own calculator!!
    Level 3 T&C by special arrangement

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There are 2 options - select one:

1 - Register and Pay via PayPal

2 - Register via the PNSA form and then either mail a cheque to the office, or bring a cheque or cash to the clinic.




Option #1:

Payment and Registration via PayPal:

- includes PayPal's service charge

Purchase Clinic

Clinic Options
Full Clinic Name for Option 7
Name(s) of Attendee(s)


Purchase Lunch Option

Number of Lunches


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Option #2:

On-line PNSA Registration for paying by cheque/cash:

Make cheques payable to PNSA:

$20 for each Update, $30 for each Specialty clinic, $10 for each lunch

Mail to: PNSA   -  2671 Flowery Trail Rd   -   Usk, WA  99180


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