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NWC Finals 2018

Mt Bachelor


Apr. 14-17, 2018     National scored  -  1 SG/1 GS/1 SL/1 P

U16 and older allowed to enter


U16s will be scored in the NWC series, then separated out for their own season-long U16 series and WR qualifier totals.


Club website

♦Race Announcement - to come

♦On-line Registration - to come

♦Mt Bachelor release  -  required for each athlete - to come

♦Lodging - TBA


Team Captains Meeting:  Apr. 13, 7:00 PM

MBSEF    563 SW 13th St., Suite 201      Bend, OR 97702   541-388-0002



Subject to change - check w/MBSEF

Apr. 13         Team Captains meeting - 7:00 PM, MBSEF office

Apr. 14          SG Race

Apr. 15          GS Race

Apr. 16          SL Race

Apr. 17           Parallel and NWC/U16 Season Awards

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