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NWC #2 2018

Mission Ridge


Feb. 9-11, 2018       National scored  -  2 GS / 1 SL

U16 and older allowed to enter


U16s will be scored in the NWC series, then separated out for their own season-long U16 series and WR qualifier totals.


Club website

♦Race Announcement - to come

♦Liability Release - to come

♦Registration   on-line via US Ski and Snowboard - to come

♦Lodging - to come



1st Team Captains Meeting

Location TBA - Thursday, 7 PM -

Other TCs, as needed throughout event, will be announced.



Feb. 8  Thurs: Team Captains meeting - 7 PM, location TBA

Feb. 9 Fri. Men GS, Ladies SL

Feb 10 Sat. GS both genders

Feb. 11 Sun. Ladies GS, Men SL

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