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August 1-4, 2017

Held in August 2017


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Registration - include your T-shirt size in the Comments section


Notes - registration and payment are separate steps, and all 3 forms below are required.


Camp Announcement

PNSA/PSIA Release - required

PNSA Medical Release - required

PNSA Athlete Contact  - required



4 - Day Schedule:

July 31st: Arrive

•  Arrive between 4-6pm.  Dinner at 6:30PM.  Team meeting at 7pm.
      August 1st-4th: Training
      August 4th: Departure
•    Depart after training and lunch: ~2pm


Criteria: U14-U19

•    This camp is open to all PNSA U14-U19 athletes


Lodging, Meals and Lift Tickets

•    Mazama Lodge will provide all meals and lodging
    Bring your own sleeping bag and/or linens, pillow, towel and soap
•    Athletes are required to stay with PNSA at Mazama Lodge
•    All lift tickets included. If your athlete has a Timberline Summer Pass, see pricing below.



•    All transport to mountain and dryland provided


Camp Venue

•    Palmer Glacier at Timberline


Camp Content

•    This camp will offer a 4-day SL progression that includes SL fundamentals, drill  and full course progressions.



•    Camp will be directed by Kent Towlerton.  Coaching staff includes Dave Lyon, Billy Farwig, Ted McNamara, Mike Graves.


•    4-day Camp $795.00 w/tickets
•    4-day Camp $523.00 w/Timberline Summer Pass

What To Bring

•    SL Gear, tuning equipment & vices, camel back, snacks, water bottles
•    Dryland workout clothes and shoes


Camp Cost*

Includes: coaching, lift tickets/lane fees, lodging, transportation at Timberline, meals & PNSA office support.
Payment must be recieved by the PNSA office via mail or by PayPal by Sunday, July 31, 2016
Pay by Cheque:  $795 w/lift tickets
                        $523 w/Timberline Summer Pass
Make cheque payable to:   PNSA    2671 Flowery Trail Rd   Usk, WA  99180-9740


Pay by PayPal:  $820 w/lift tickets
                       $540 w/Timberline Summer Pass
PayPal payments include their service charge added to the trip cost.


*PNSA makes every effort to calculate accurate trip costs.  However, if the number of athletes participating is greatly reduced, or if some major unforeseen circumstance occurs, PNSA reserves the right to bill athletes for additional expenses incurred.



Registered Athletes

Blue = paid
  Club First Name Last Name Athlete Form Med Form PSIA Form Renewed w USSA
f SARS Farli Boden x x x x
f MBSEF Alice Bouchard x x x x
f MBSEF Coco Bouchard x x x x
f MBSEF Lili Bouchard x x x x
f SARS Molly Collins x x x x
f MRST Amy Farley x x x x
f SSRA Ginny Lou Garabedian x x x x
f CSRT Annika Howell x x x x
f CSRT Katherine Kaimaktchiev x x x x
f WPSC Josie Knight x x x x
f MBSEF Teegan Lowe x x x x
f CSRT Francis Melby x x x x
f MBSEF Tiger Walther-Gingold x x x x
f SARS Halle White x x x x
m TAS Karl Beck x x x x
m MRT Berhhardt Seth x x x x
m SSRA Samuel Cox x x x x
m SSRA William Dexter x x x x
m MBSEF Jake Farwig x x x x
m MBSEF Wesley Georgiev x x x x
m MBSEF Henry Jones x x x x
m WPSC Kenny Knight x x x x
m SPAC Tyler Larson x x x x
m MRST Christian McCourtie x x x x
m SARS Addison McNamara x x x  
m SARS Alexi Panos x x x x
m SARS Demitri Panos x x x x
m SARS Lucas Parekh x x x x
m SPAC Kristopher Westman x x x x


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