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WR FIS Open Speed Jan. 2017



Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2017       FIS   2 DH / 2 SG / 2GS

FIS - U18 and older only, must have FIS license, FIS-legal skis and helmet
This is a club trip - the PNSA office will handle only the entry sheet/fees.


Race Announcement

SARS Release - required for athletes & coaches - it's an on-line form

Race Volunteers - see where you can help out during the series


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PNSA Athlete Selection  Dec. 28, 2016

PNSA Athlete Registration deadline Jan. 18, 2017



SG races are qualifiers for US Nationals

DH and GS races are WR FIS Open

Jan. 26 Arrive Schweitzer Resort by 7 PM Registation  4:45 - 5:45
Team Captains meeting 6 PM
Schweitzer Mtn Resort - Selkirk Lodge
Selkirk Conference Center
Jan. 27 L & M DH Train - Zip Down
Jan. 28 Men Train,  L & M Race DH - Zip Down
Jan. 29 L & M DH races - Zip Down
Jan. 30 L GS   &   M SG Race - Zip Down
Jan. 31 L GS   &   M SG Race - Zip Down
Feb. 1 L SG  &   M GS Race - Zip Down
Feb. 2 L SG  &   M GS Race - Zip Down

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Trip Information

Athletes  -  quota 25 L / 25 M

Athletes in blue are confirmed & paid



  Head Coach - TBA   Head Coach - TBA



All travel plans are to be made by the clubs.



Lodging to be handled by the clubs.



Meal Plan




$36 per day/$252 for entire series/$144 for GS/SG only   -  Elite Pass honoured

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Trip Cost*

Includes: entry fees, PNSA office support.
Payment must be recieved by the PNSA office via mail or by PayPal by Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017
Pay by Cheque:  DH Only = $120
                           SG/GS Only =   $177
                           Full Series = $297
Make cheque payable to:   PNSA    2671 Flowery Trail Rd   Usk, WA  99180-9740


Pay by PayPal:  DH Only = $124
                           SG/GS Only =   $183
                           Full Series = $306
PayPal payments include their service charge added to the trip cost.
Entry Options


*PNSA makes every effort to calculate accurate trip costs.  However, if the number of athletes participating is greatly reduced, or if some major unforeseen circumstance occurs, PNSA reserves the right to bill athletes for additional expenses incurred


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