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NWC #1 2017

Mt Spokane


Jan. 6-8, 2017        USSA scored  -  2 SL / 1 GS

U16 and older allowed to enter


U16s will be scored in the NWC series, then separated out for their own season-long U16 series and WR U16 Champs qualifier totals.


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Race Announcement

On-line Registration

♦Lodging  -   Holiday Inn Express

9220 E Mission Ave, Spokane Valley
509-927-7100    Ask for SSRA rate, or book on-line here


1st Team Captains Meeting: 

Thur., 7:00 PM - Holiday Inn Express, Spokane Valley
following TC meetings - at end of race each day at SSRA team room



Jan. 5 - Thur.  - Team Captins meeting

7 PM, Holiday Inn Express, Spokane Valley

Jan. 6 - Fri.  GS

Jan. 7 - Sat. SL

Jan. 8 - Sun. SL

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