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Officials Clinic - Seattle 2015

October 4, 2015

Microsoft Campus - Bldg 27

Location changed on Sept. 18th

3009 - 157th Pl NE, Redmond, WA  98052   ♦Map in PDF

 ♦Map - on Bing


Quicklinks to:

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Please download and READ the appropriate Study Guide (found via the Course Materials link above) PRIOR to attending the clinic.
Not all material can be covered in the time allotted.


Courses Offered:

•Race Administration w/Data Management*

•Referee w/Jury Advisor*

•Chief of Race*

•Timing & Calculation 1*

•Update Only

*includes Update

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07:30-8:00 AM Registration Please pre-register & send license plate number
08:15-10:30 AM (approx. ending time) Update Required every other year to remain current/certified
08:15 AM-4:00 PM (approx. ending time) Specialty Clinics - Update is included with specialty clinic
  Chief of Race  
  Race Administrator/Data Management  
  Referee/Jury Advisor  
  Timing and Calculation - Level 1 Bring your own calculator!!
    Level 3 T&C by special arrangement


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Make cheques payable to PNSA:  $20 for Update or $30 for Specialty clinic

Mail to: PNSA   -  2671 Flowery Trail Rd   -   Usk, WA  99180

or pay via PayPal:

Clinic Options - Select Your Clinic

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This does not link to PayPal. Use the link above.

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