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Board of Directors 2016-17 Roster


Bill Brooks                                          309 W. 2nd Ave., Suite 200                          Cell:    509.993.1689
                                                              Spokane, WA  99201                                  Work:    509.462.9312
Vice President
Curt Hammond                                 1407 Mathison Dr                                           Cell:    206.949.0922
                                                              Sandpoint, ID 83864                                 Email:

Gillian Esson                                     53 - 151st Place SE                                      RES:    425.502.8882
                                                              Bellevue, WA  98007                                   CELL:    206.399.2687

Bill Koefoed                                       9254 Points Dr NE                                          Cell:    425.454.2213
                                                             Yarrow Point, WA  98004                            Email:
Director of Alpine  (appointed)
Dan Henry                                          430 Avenue A                                                   Bus:    425.232.5482
                                                              Snohomish, WA  98290                             Email:
Director of Nordic  (appointed)                                                    
Alan Watson                                      5 Bear Orchard Rd                                          Res:    509.341.4846
                                                            Winthrop, WA  98862-9505                          Email:
Director of Officials  (appointed)
Roger Root                                        415 N Polk                                                         Res:    208.882.7768
                                                            Moscow, ID  83843                                            Cell:    208.301.4900
Director of Snowboard (appointed)
Director of Freestyle (appointed)
Johann Furr                                     P.O. Box 9362                                                       Cell:    206.818.3666
                                                           Yakima, WA  98909                                          Email:
 Directors at Large
Bob Simpson                                    3420 S Lincoln Dr                                            Res:    509.999.3568
(2nd yr. of 2nd term)                           Spokane, WA  99203                         Email:
Maureen Hammond                         1407 Mathison Drive                                        Cell:    206.595.9752
(2nd yr. of 2nd term)                           Sandpoint, ID  83864                                   Email:
Vicki Longhini                                     2222 Hidden Valley Rd                                   Cell:   612.987.3802
(bridge year - 2017 is1st)                 Sandpoint, ID  83864                                   Email:
Sam Naney                                         PO  Box 196                                                      Res:    509.996.3222
(2nd yr of 1st term)                            Winthrop, WA  98862                                   Email:
Coby Howell                                       1375 Methodist                                                 Cell:    503.956.4170
(1st  yr. of 1st term)                            Hood River, OR  97031                                Email:
Stephen Smith                                   7209 E Trent Ave                                               Cell:    509.220.2280
(1st  yr. of 1st term)                            Spokane, WA  99212                                     Email:
Shelley Moore                                     4410 - 50th Ave NE                                          Res:    206.550.5121
(1st yr. of 1st term)                             Seattle, WA  98105                                         Email:
Jason Spadaro                                   PO Box 309                                                       Cell:    509.493.8602

(1st yr of 2nd term)                             White Salmon, WA  98672                          Email:

Dale Koetke                                         16639 NE 48th St                                             Res:    425.681.4926

(1st yr of 1st term)                               Redmond, WA 98052                                   Email:

USSA Alpine Sport Committee Member
None at this Time
Directors Representing Ski-Related Organizations
Pacific Northwest Ski Areas Association
Chris Kastner                                  599 Forestview Court                                        Bus:    541.400.0494
                                                            Hood River, OR  97031                                 Email:
Kevin McCarthy                                White Pass Ski Area                                          Bus:    509.672.3101
                                                            48935 US Hwy 12                                               Fax:    509.672.3123
                                                            White Pass, WA  98937                                  Email:
Professional Ski Instructors of America - Northwest
Chris Kastner                                 599 Forestview Court                                          Bus:    541.400.0494
                                                          Hood River, OR  97031                                    Email:
BOD Committee List
Appeals Committee Chairperson
Curt Hammond
By Laws
Jeff Kray                                   
Disciplinary Review Committee Chairperson
Dan Henry - Alpine
Alan Watson - Nordic


Executive Committee
Bill Brooks - Chairperson
Curt Hammond
Gillian Esson
Bill Koefoed
Alan Watson
Dan Henry
Kevin McCarthy
Nominating Committee Chairperson
Alden Garrett
PNSA Contact Information
PNSA Office                        
Paul Mahre                                             2671 Flowery Trail Rd                                      Bus:     509.445.4454
Executive Director                                 Usk, WA  99180-9740                                       Fax:     866.542.8664
Claudia Yamamoto                               1329 Section Ave                                              Bus:     509.655.9841
Assistant Extraordinaire                       Quincy, WA  98848                                            Fax:     866.542.8664