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Starting with 2012-13, see the calendars below for race results.


Name Location Organization Selection
Jan 10-11, 2015 Sat is GS; Sun is SL Frank Nickels Memorial Races CANCELLED Crystal Mountain, WA CMAC  Unlimited TBA
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Jan 30-Feb 01, 2015 SG Camp Fri, 1 Molecule FSG Sat, Molecule F SG Sun Need for Speed and Molecule F SG CANCELLED 49N, Chewelah, WA 49 Alpine Race Team  Unlimited TBA
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Feb 14-15, 2015 2 Run GS Both Days Kickoff Classic CANCELLED Snoqualmie Pass, WA Snoqualmie Summit Ski Area  Unlimited Dean Tonkiin
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Feb 19-22, 2015 Thurs SL and GS Tng, 1 SL, 2 GS SARS Masters Memorial NOW SL/GS ONLY Schweitzer Mouontain Resort Schweitzer Alpine Race Team  Unlimited Barry Wise
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Feb 28-Mar 01, 2015 2 SL on Saturday and 1 GS on Sunday Masters Mania CANCELLED Ski Bowl, Mt Hood, OR Skiyente Ski Club  Unlimited TBA
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Mar 22-23, 2015 SG Training and 1 SG on Sunday, 1 SG on Monday Osborn Grage SGs CANCELLED New Venue, Stevens Pass, WA Stevens Pass Alpine Club  Unlimited TBD
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Mar 28-29, 2015 3 SL races Over the Hill - CANCELLED Alpental, WA Summit at Snoqualmie  Unlimited TBD
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Apr 09-12, 2015 SG Training, SG, GS and SL PNSA Finals Mt Bachelor, Oregon Mt Bachelor Ski Education Foundation  Unlimited TBA
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