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Alpine Team


The following athletes have been nominated to the 2016-17 PNSA Alpine Team

To accept your position on the Alpine Team, please complete the ♦paperwork by Wednesday, Nov. 30th.

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confirmed in greeen  -  updated Nov. 30, 2016

Rank L Name F Name Club Row
1** Lodmell Ashley MBSEF NWC
2 Collins Maddie SARS GS1
3 Bracy Carina SARS SG1
4 Campbell Halle SARS DH1
5 Coston Sylvie MRST SL2
6 Bouchard Lili MBSEF SL3
7 Knight Josie WPSC DH3
8 Baldwin Tess CMAC GS4
9 Simpson Zoe MBSEF SG4
10 Jones Hailley MRST DH5
  Honorary USST Members  
  Ross Laurenne MBSEF  
  Wiles Jacqueline WPSC  
Rank L Name F Name Club Row
1** Maxwell Trevor SARS NWC
2** Cravens R Minam MBSEF NWC
3 Nelson Preston MRST GS1
4 Lujan Tanner MBSEF SG1
5 Moe-Lange Peter   GS2
6 Ellis Tyler CMAC SL2
7 Gunesch Nate MAC GS3
8 Wear-Grmm Brandon SPAC GS4
9 Quigley Cade MRST GS5
  Honorary USST Member  
  Ford Tommy MBSEF  
**NW Cup Winners      



Reminders of eligibility requirements to be named to the Alpine Team:

→Age 16-20 as of Dec. 31 of current season

→Renew with USSA/FIS by August 15th

→Maintain permanent residence within PNSA

→Be a current member with a PNSA club - limited exceptions for independent athletes

→Be in good standing with PNSA from previous season (no outstanding balance, no disciplinary actions, etc.)

→Competed in NW Cup races in prior season - or missed NW Cup races due to attending WR Elite FIS, Nor Am or higher level

→Intend to compete in NW Cup races in current season